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GPB/PBS STUDIOS Unit 2 Production

Garnering the support of PBS, Executive Producer Beauty Muñoz and production company, When The Dogs Left, LLC partnered with Georgia Public Broadcasting as a prime filming location at GPB's elite film studios. As the project takes flight, so many wonderful first-hand experiences will resonate with hearts and minds across the entire globe. UGA Alums from all over the country have flown into Atlanta for the opportunity to share their unique and powerful stories.  Connect with several below and see the impact they're making around the world. 


EP/Director Beauty Muñoz on set at PBS with GPB Executives  


Co-Executive Dir. MBIA Pageant


Actress Mya Taft

WTDL "Young Nawanna"


Author, Podcast Host, Blogger


Emmy Award-Winning Journalist @fox35orlando


Multi-Platinum Singer-Songwriter of the global R&B Group Silk @thegroupsilk


Arts & Culture Director, Champion for Artists, Youth, and the Marginalized

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